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Collection of new and old records complied to make “Florida Talk” my introduction EP. I’m currently in the process of FINALIZING “TRAP Ehtiks” My 2nd EP… Let Me Know Your Thoughts On My Music BELOW, All FEEDBACK IS GREATLY APPRECIATED EITHER GOOD OR BAD!

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beard care

7 Steps on How to Take Care of a Beard

As a man, I take pride in being able to distinguish myself with the use of my beard.  As they say, “There are two kinds of people in this world that go around beardless—boys and women—and I am neither one.”  When I first started growing my beard, I had no idea it would take so much time and energy to maintain. I researched quite a lot to get that perfect look. Here are seven tips on how to take care of a beard.

1.    Grow Out Your Beard

When first starting out, let it grow out for a month or longer if needed without trimming.  Don’t listen to friends and family telling you to shave it off.  We have all been in that awkward transition stage. Over time, those bald patches will fill in. Be patient!

2.    Pay For A Beard Trim

One of the best ways of learning is by watching!  Don’t start out on your own! Spend a few extra bucks paying an excellent barber to show you the ropes.  Learn from him, ask him about his techniques, and get a feel for how your beard looks. Do this a couple of times before starting to try it on your own.

3.    Wash Your Beard

Washing your beard is the most obvious way to care for it.  Don’t wash your beard daily, but aim for once or twice a week. Watch out for any products that claim to be “beard wash.”  Many of these products contain sulfates/sulfides, parabens, and detergents.  These are present in shampoos designed for your head hair.  Your head hair follicles are not the same as your facial ones, so don’t use the same products! 

4.    Moisturize Your Beard

Oils are for shorter beards, and they contain a concoction of carrier oils and essential oils. They are not for styling, but for keeping your beard and skin healthy. Carriers like jojoba replicate the sebum of your skin. Essential oils like tea tree are great at preventing dandruff and fungus. Beard balm is for longer beards and contains beeswax, lanolin, or butter. Beeswax is more for styling hold and is more firm than the other two.  Lanolin and butter are heavier than wax and have a creamy texture. They give beards more control over those stray hairs that won’t cooperate.

5.    Apply Beard Wax

Beard wax is for styling. It may contain a scent, like cedar wood, and isn’t the same as the beeswax conditioner talked about earlier. They work well for beards that won’t behave.

6.    Brush or Comb Your Beard

Like your head hair, you should be brushing your facial hair. You should use a boar bristle brush or a wide-tooth (coarse) comb to get the job done. Wide-tooth combs with rounded, metal teeth prevent snagging and pulling. Boar bristle brushes have much more feeling to them when running them through your beard. They also stimulate your hair follicles, which speeds up beard growth. Brushes are better than combs for dispersing oils through your beard.

7.    Give Your Beard a Trim

The number one rule for trimming is never trim after a shower.

After a shower, beards are denser and will appear lengthier, so you might cut off more hair than you desire.  It is better to be patient and wait until after it is dry. Trimming should occur only every few weeks, and should only serve to get rid of stray hairs and split ends. Never use an electric trimmer because they cause split ends. Instead, opt to use good barber scissors, learn more about black men beard care.

Feel Good About Your Beard

Following these seven steps on how to take care of a beard will net you a better quality beard. You will also have the confidence to tell other men in your life how they can get their beards to look so great as well.

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How To Effectively Get A Hot Chicks To Notice Your Beard Game:

Whenever your on a date it’s vital to have some balm and serum stored in your pocket for safe keeping. Now if it’s HOT OUT!!! I wouldn’t recommend it. So assuming you wanna look your best, before she see’s you quickly rub a fingers worth of cream on your hand and rub it into your facial hair gradually. You gotta remember to grscotch-porterab your boars brush and gently brush your hair.

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5 Issues You Ought To Know About Purchasing Beats On-Line

On my instagram page I use videos and to create my point… Visit for more detail info on selling beats online!!

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In general anytime we need some recreation, we require to pay attention to songs in radio stations and we feel totally free from the stress of our every day life. Mainly every tune which is played in radio station is usually modified to get lighter sound amplification. There evolves a word “Beat” which foretells the significance on modifying this kind of tunes. This is a mechanical disturbance which propagates via an elastic materials medium. This defeat is an essential occurrence of interference in waves. There is much software that implement on this phenomenon of beats. But in knowing this we must have an appear on beats basics.

Party tougher with your entire preferred track from your iTunes library and play two tracks simultaneously. Choose to document your overall performance so you gained’t skip something. Take control of the groove by getting all these goodies practically compatible with all DJ software you want to use. It includes an energy adapter so you can charge your Apple iphone while partying all evening lengthy.

kasey the moorWhen you dj beats always ask yourself for what purpose you’re using the defeat. If you’re want to dj beats purely for marketing, some airplay, a video and live-performances, it wont be a smart choice to dj beats with the complete legal rights (for these who Got the cash). Best factor you can do is go check out some beat promoting websites where independent producers are leasing their beats.

First, of course, is the copying of files to the specified plan folder (which is generally someplace within the Plan Information folder). Also some information such as shared libraries (.dll information) can be copied into a folder inside Plan Files known as Common Information and some information this kind of as motorists or shared libraries (once more) are copied into the ‘WINDOWS\System32’ and ‘WINDOWS\System32\drivers’ folders.

I am heading on a trip and would like to use my vehicle’s cigarette lighter for multiple add-ons this kind of as GPS, Cell Phone Charger, Radar Detector, Laptop charger, and Transportable DVD dj drops Player. To use adjectives of these accessories through my cigarette lighter adapters, would my vehicle’s alternator use some of my.

Once you have familiarize your self with the software, plug it into your audio method. Make sure that you have some type of video clip feed heading to your slitter or straight to your Tv. Flip on your laptop. If you have a new computer, it might immediately detect the video connection and ask if you want to lengthen your desktop. If it does not, then you will need to go into your desktop qualities. From there you can manually extend your desktop. Once the desktop is prolonged you will see your desktop picture on the Television. Learn more about how to get fans to support and purchase your beats on the internet.

Your best wager is to go to each book store, library and college you can discover in your local region and study all the publications you can on mixing, mastering and recording. Arming your self with understanding is easily the very best way to come up in any industry, particularly with music. As soon as you’ve got the info you require, it’ll be easy to choose up a program such as Adobe Audition, Logic or Professional Tools and begin making cash these days. Even if you don’t want to discover how to produce, it’s fine, just purchase beats online and download rap beats.

How I Sell My Beats Without Issue In 2017

A Cellular DJ should have a pretty simple Set-up. At this position we have talked about a Media Player (CD/MP3 or only MP3), Mixer, and Pushed Speakers. This is all the gadgets that is essential for Mobile DJ.

4 dj beats Professional ($299) is a complete MP3 mixing instrument that is fun to play with, and extremely simple to use! The interface is extraordinary, with masses of tools that region simple to comprehend. Most of the attributes are as easy as drag and fall. You can drag and drop tune files (or any audio files) into the virtual play decks. A counter is there to guide you in mixing, but if you want to try auto mix, just push the Auto button and the dj beats will combine the tracks for you. Burn to CD or produce MP3 files. (Whilst DJ Pro is $299, you can get DJ Fundamental for $99 with most of the same features).triomni studios

You can begin such as leg techinques, snares, Hi there Caps, claps, loops or even any type of include-on — you are able to produce your individual choice. These types of secrets and techniques are present in this plan as well as easy to find.

A good instance with a sturdy rack really ought to be believed of as correctly ($200-$400). The Participant and Mixer will be screwed down on the primary, and in the front of the rack you’ll have the twin cd decks (if a cd participant is obtained) and an energy strip to plug every little thing in. Now the rig is two speakers, the scenario with all the elements all secure and sound and secured, a bag with wires (xlr cables, rca cables, and so on.), and speaker poles.

maschine mk2 skinsTo make a lengthy story brief, leasing indicates you pay the producer cash for the effort, time and commitment he puts into your product, but the full legal rights Usually stay with the producer. This way you can use the defeat on your mixtape, shoot a video with it, go live on phase with it and in most cases even sell a limited amount of copies from the tune. The producer in situation will most most likely usually give you the info on how numerous copies you can sell, so this is perfect for people who want to make professional songs, but don’t have the cash to buy the unique legal rights which can go from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Buy Beats Online


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Dr. Umar Johnson

DR.Umar Johnson “Escaping The Trap” Lecture

I went to ST.Petersburg FL to See a Dr. Umar’s Lecture in person. The speech was regarding black children and the school systems that hold them back. I first learned about Dr. Umar from the Hidden Colors Documentary series & The Breakfast Club and found that his view point is extreme, yet interesting. I don’t agree with him 100% but he does provide evidence to support his claims.

DISCLAIMER: When I recorded his lecture my camera battery went out and i lost 10 minutes of him talking. I eventually had to switch over to my cellphone to capture the last 14 minutes of video. God Bless!


Link To This Video



Jay Z Interview & Freestyle THROWBACK! “Rap City In The Basement 2003” BEFORE Roc Nation

I ran across this rare video of young “Jay-z” in the basement with big tiger. This was before post rock nation. This interview dates back to when him Dame Dash & Biggs ran Rocafella Records.

The video is super throwback so please keep that in mind. I thought this video would be beneficial for young bucks that has only seen Jay-Z bossed up and never really knew he grind all the way to the top. let this be motivation for my young artist, that think it’s easy as cake making it in the music business.

Alton Sterling

Alton Sterling and the problem with police and social injustice w/ Video

Alton Sterling And Social Injustice

#AltonSterling The way I see their is Only 2 ways to influence social injustice and politics in America ‘LEGALLY’.

1. We buy or politicians just like the KOCH brothers and every corporation in America does.

In other words, we all put up cash and donate to get folks elected. That way they go to Congress with our agenda in hand.

2. We acquire capitol and influence to make changes ourselves! That’s called “Economic Power”

Mean while back at the ranch…Hillary Clinton walks free from a double digit prison sentence
Because she exuberates options 1 & 2 and option 3 but that’s illegal.

While across the country innocent man gets murdered for selling CD’s and it’s painted to be justified…

I feel what’s the point in complaining about shit when you won’t consider putting $20 towards a politicians campaign that can ultimately influence the movers and shakers of the world

Tampa Music Conference 2016 – PART 1



I gotta chance to snag a press pass for the Tampa Music Conference, to see EXACTLY what Tampa had brewing in its underground music scene. https://liftedkulture.com/hip-hop-news/ With Tampa Bay being the 3rd largest city in Florida, coming in right behind Miami and Jacksonville with a population of roughly 340k people. This musically slept on mega city ranks in the top 20 radio outlets currently in the united states. So why haven’t you heard of it’s momentum? Well it has something to do with the musical divide among artist and radio stations scared of taking risks on new artist. Industry insiders like Angel help bridge the gap among tampa bays up-incoming telnet and the music industries movers and shakers.Music conferences have always bridge the gap between underground producers and artist to maintain stream industry insiders. Consider this conference if your looking to revolt and build large hip hop fanbases.


Link to this video: