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Best African American Skin Care Products 2018

Best Skin Care Products for African American Skin

There is no denying that black is beautiful. Those who are yet to understand the uniqueness of this color, we can only pray for them. Women of dark skin tone have been an epitome of beauty and strength since time immemorial. And, an ideal man has always be one who’s tall, DARK and handsome. When dark is in dock, it’s African-American people stealing the limelight and showing everyone who is the boss. They are taking over the world with their beautiful skin and are often asked what skin products they use. To keep us with the ever-trendy query, we present you with some of the most amazing skin care products that are not only compliant with African-American skin, but also help rejuvenate for a fresher and better look.

Glycol Acid

Though blessed with absolute flawless skin, African-Americans are often susceptible to hyper-pigmentation that leaves behind huge discomfort and not to forget, undesirable spots on the face. Your safest bet is glycol acid. The chemical in this product help bring up the fresh and healthy layer of skin underneath the top most layer of epidermis. Our pick is GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing, constituting of glycol acid that not only helps minimize pores but also help curb hyper pigmentation, scarring and breakouts. You can use it as a mask or spot treatment.

Mineral Compact

African-Americans often have more oil glands than people of any other race, and those glands can be larger in size and produce an unwanted amount of oil. This can wreak havoc on your daily make up routine and also give rise unnecessary blocked pores. Using a good mineral foundation can help settle this oil production down. We recommend L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Finish Foundation that released blotting sphere, instrumental in absorbing the extra oil and sweat without sopping up he essential oils, leaving you with a healthy, glowing and oil-free look.


It is never easy to find the perfect foundation. And if you have a dark skin tone, this struggle increases multi-fold, making it an ordeal, at the minimum. Nevertheless, in the world of ‘beige’, ‘white’ and an occasional ‘coffee’ color foundation, it is now possible to find foundations that perfectly compliment a black skin tone, making it flawless than ever. We suggest Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation. With its easy to use and a staggering 26 shade offering, for various tones, it is difficult not to be tempted to pick one up and end your foundation dilemma. The triangular applicator makes it a breeze to use enabling a smooth and gentle finish, giving you that much deserved complete look.


You shall always Moisturize! This is a commandment that everyone should adhere. In today’s pollution-ridden environment, it is easy for the skin to lose out on moisture and crack under the pressure, literally. By opting for ‘humectants,’ or products that draw water to the skin, you will be pampering your skin with intense moisture and utmost care. Try to negate the use of products comprising of alcohols and perfumes that can irritate and dry out the skin.


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