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Beard Growth Oils, Balm, Shampoo Kit for Black Men

When it comes to finding the black man beard care products.

I’ve used DOZENS!!! of companies that provided lackluster results

This brand uses safe and natural products that work WONDERS!!!

The treatment blends effortlessly into patchy & full beards with ease and softens hair follicles INSTANTLY!!!.

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Scotch Porter

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black man beard care treatment conditioner that shows how to grow with shampoo oils and balms for African Americans

It’s time to rejuvenate your finesse and raise your standards higher for 2020. Your beard treatment is critical to growth. All items on this have been proven to benefit African American men. You deserve the very best solutions for your facial hair. I’ve been testing these four products for 3years now. READ MY FINDING BELOW!!!

beard oils for black men: 10 Styles For People of Color 1. 5’ O'clock Shadow : Something much less bold is the shadow look. This is subtle but will be apparent. You can see this in people such as Shemar Moore for an example. five O'clock Shadow 2. Goatee Another popular style is the goatee. This can be done in a variety of ways but focuses on being flexible in terms of styling it, making probably the most sought after. Some men that rock this are Floyd Mayweather, Drake, Ice Cube, and many more. 3. Soul Patch A bold move, indeed. The soul patch is a small bit of hair that rests just below your lower lip in a square shape. In my opinion, it is difficult to be pulled off, but can be done. I’d say it looks great with bald men, or short hair in general, as well as having the right facial structure. Not many men rock this today, but rick ross and labron james and james harding sure can pull it off if you’re looking for a reference. 4. Van Dyke This is pretty much a bold goatee that hangs a bit off the chin, with a supporting mustache up top, which is most notably, named after Anthony Van Dyke. If you want a classic example of this, take a look at boxer Shannon Briggs, he does the style quite well. 5. Dark Stubble Somewhere in between a beard and the 5’ o'clock, the dark stubble is for the man that wants the world to know his beard is there, without it smacking everyone in the face. Its quite popular, especially nowadays, and is rocked by many, many people. It is relativity easy to keep up with, and barber shops love to style these. 6. Moustache The moustache, if done correctly, can look fantastic, just take a look at Steve Harvey. It can be styled in a countless amount of ways and is easy to grow. Alright, with a few examples in place, now it’s time to discuss how to figure out what is best for you. One important aspect is face shape. 7. Oval Face If you have an oval face shape, then you’re in good luck. Out of all the shapes, this is the most wanted, as you can essentially have any style you want. So, be thankful for this shape, if of course you have it. 8. Square Face With having a square face, you’ll want something that will round out the edges, in terms of facial hair style. For this shape as well, you’ll want a shorter style, whether that be in the form of a beard or moustache, keep it thinner and shorter. 9. Long Face If you have a long face, then well, you’re not so lucky. You can’t grow too much facial hair out, as you want something as short as possible, to take away from the long features of your face. A 5’ o'clock or light stubble is a great option for you. 10. Round Face If you happen to have a rounded face, then longer facial hair will do you more justice. You don’t want any wide styles, but rather more narrow, longer styles will do the trick nicely. Since face shape has been established, let me briefly touch on hairstyles. I’m not particularly interested in hitting on hairstyles, as that really doesn’t play that big of a factor, in my opinion. I think certain hairstyles can look good with any type of facial hair, it really just depends on the person. However, there are certain styles of hair that just may not mix with your facial hair, and that’s okay. Just make sure you’re being real with yourself when it comes to this. Shorter hair looks pretty good with longer beards, if that is a good look for your facial structure, for example. Another example could be that longer hair can look good with both full and thin beards, as we

1. Best Beard Oils For Black Men

When looking for the best beard oils for black men, you want something that is all-natural. I have found that this brand has 100% all-natural products that work!. However, it does have a slight fragrance that the ladies adore.

When you first take a sniff, your ability to instantly notice that the product’s aroma seems to have a naturally pleasant element to it. You only really need to apply 2-3 dabs of oil serum to entirely be able to embrace the product.

best beard oil for black men

2. Best Beard Balm For Black Men

SP has the most effective beard balm I’ve ever witnessed. It blends into facial hair smoothly without messy build-up. It allows common African American hair types 3 and 4 hair to lay flatter to be applied. It’s essential for hair cuticles to lay correctly for maximum results.

Inevitably as recommended in the video, applying a warm towel to your face for 20-30 sec can produce manageable hair. Be sure to monitor the towel temperature to your desired degree of comfort.

best african american beard balm

3. Best Beard Shampoo For Black Men :

African American shampoos have to provide no build-up and should be able to cleanse the hair and moisture the cuticles.

After rigorous testing of most of all over the counter beard washes, it’s concluded that they provide no substantial proof of improvement after 6 months of weekly usage. However, I found that facial hair wash was able to trap in moisture for manageable stray hairs of using SP to shampoo once per week.

best beard shampoo

4. Best Beard Conditioner For Black Men :

Proper beard conditioner will dramatically help restore and maintain your beard’s full look, as well as keep it moistures and evenly hydrated over a full 10 hours. However, for optimum performance apply 2-3 per day. Just like the hair on your head, your beard also needs conditioning once per week.

If you are growing your beard and want to avoid, problems apply in moderation for best results. This produces softening of the hair on your face. I have found that Macadamia oil with omega 7 to work great in combination with scotch porter. If you suffer from “patchy beards” try this combination and leave a comment down below!


For max results when applying, leave the conditioner on your beard for 3-5 minutes. For a deeper broader condition, leave on for 8-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and blot dry.

beard conditioner


5. Best Beard Kit For Black Men :

The beard kit makes a huge difference. When your purchasing oils, shampoo, serum & balm, It can become a task of keeping everything in one place. The kit allows you to bring structure to your process, yet attain the look your growing towards.

That’s why we have found the best solution to make your experience pleasant. Aside from saving, your ability to have all of the products working for you will boost your facial hair game instantly.

full beard kit 2


Depending on the style of your beard. Most men will resort to synthetic sealants like petroleum jelly and castor oil commonly sold in Walmart and Amazon. Stay far away from these companies as they don’t offer quality, they only focus on cheap brands.

It’s All in the Brush and Comb

If you’ve had a beard for a while, you know the importance of a good brush. The brush can make or break your style, it contributes to the full formation of facial hair. A good brush will retain oil that can help moisturize and strengthen your hair while brushing. We recommend Boars brunch, brush for the job. It keeps your facial hair clean and healthy.


It’s been my mission since I created this blog, to help people. I have been using 4 products personally for 3 years now. It’s working its best if you are growing facial hair. You have to develop a daily routine, that promotes health in ”patchy” ”nappy” facial constraints. I hope you found my overview provided insight on how to properly develop a healthy routine for growth. If you have any questions or simply just want to say hello, please be sure to leave a comment below!


More Helpful Resources

I’ve taken the liberty to compile some helpful resources, such as this new article I made on 7 tips to help you in 2019. We make it our mission to provide our readers with as much insight as possible when attempting to grow facial hair.

It’s most definitely a process to maintain and manage, but it’s well worth the work! Let’s facet shaving can be a drag to make it easier on yourself by checking out this post on THE FACTS.

beard maintenance kit

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    • Hey thanks for the comment friend! I actually don’t make or ship the product. I just tried it out and became a customer myself. I gotta say that the company is pretty awesome and I’m sure your BF will appreciate the kind gesture, cheers!

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  5. Scotch Porter is the best beard grooming product that I have ever came through. I really recommend it to all the guys.


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