Jay Z Interview & Freestyle THROWBACK! “Rap City In The Basement 2003” BEFORE Roc Nation

I ran across this rare video of young “Jay-z” in the basement with big tiger. This was before post rock nation. This interview dates back to when him Dame Dash & Biggs ran Rocafella Records.

The video is super throwback so please keep that in mind. I thought this video would be beneficial for young bucks that has only seen Jay-Z bossed up and never really knew he grind all the way to the top. let this be motivation for my young artist, that think it’s easy as cake making it in the music business.


Tampa Music Conference 2016 – PART 1



I gotta chance to snag a press pass for the Tampa Music Conference, to see EXACTLY what Tampa had brewing in its underground music scene. https://liftedkulture.com/hip-hop-news/ With Tampa Bay being the 3rd largest city in Florida, coming in right behind Miami and Jacksonville with a population of roughly 340k people. This musically slept on mega city ranks in the top 20 radio outlets currently in the united states. So why haven’t you heard of it’s momentum? Well it has something to do with the musical divide among artist and radio stations scared of taking risks on new artist. Industry insiders like Angel help bridge the gap among tampa bays up-incoming telnet and the music industries movers and shakers.Music conferences have always bridge the gap between underground producers and artist to maintain stream industry insiders. Consider this conference if your looking to revolt and build large hip hop fanbases.


Link to this video:

Maschine Kulture TV – Epic Sample Beat Making In Less Than 5 Minutes W/ Maschine Studio

https://liftedkulture.wordpress.com In This episode of Maschine Kulture. I construct a custom sample beat in under 5 minutes.

I did some editing to summarize the process. But neither the less your able to make epic proportion beats in maschine studio in MINUTES!!!.

Maschine is by far the best beat making software and hardware on the market. I say this after spending years using reasons & fruity loops for sampling. Throughout this entire process i was using 2.3 of maschine software. I will be releasing a new mixtape with livemixtapes either in 2015 or 2016.

I’m looking to relase it with just rap hooks and r&b hooks. Super dope instruments you can download for free, exclusive lisence required. I won’t be selling this tape since I’m changing my name from reeko the ruler to kasey the moor. So no need to buy beats online when I’ll be giving them away for free!!

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2 Pac Or Biggie ? Why Tupac was a Much Better Rapper Then Notorious Big

In this video I go over why Tupac Shakur was much a better rapper then Notorious Big while making a sample beat in maschine studio. This question has always been raised in all hip hop discussions. With the recent events of Jay Z “nasty” diss record aimed at 2pac, it makes you wonder how history would of played out if things would of been different.



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Drake – Back To Back (Meek Mill Diss) i REEvaluate BEEF / Sample Beat Making With Maschine Studio



day after the video was released a even better diss track called “Back To Back” was dropped by drizzy drake which was even better. However during this process meek mill also dropped a track called “Wanna Know” which by no means was better than drakes record. I think nikki minaj boyfriend mite have some trouble on his hands lol This is not a maschine tutorial but rather a video discussing hip hop beef. However I make beats during the discussion.