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Best Custom DJ Drops for 2020

The Best Male & Female DJ Drops

Hop-On Over To Commercial Kings – For The Best Voice Overs Now!

Milk Styles makes the best custom DJ drops online. I’ve know Milk for a long time,  I can tell you that he and his team is deeply committed to quality work. He’s built his voice imaging empire from the ground up, Milk deeply believes in customer satisfaction and customer service. Commercial Kings is committed to providing it’s customers with a flipping amazing product and has done so for over 10yrs! I’ve personally had a bunch of EPIC radio sweepers created by them! 

 Do They Offer Spanish & Female DJ Drops?

Commercial-Kings offers a large variety of male & female voices with Latin and Spanish voices in en Espanol. Rest assured your dealing with the leaders in urban imaging. I will have a demo of their work listed below soon.



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