Black Men Beard Care Products For Grooming & Growth In 2017


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The Best Beard Care Products For Black Males Online:

Making a statement with your beard is depended on it being well-groomed, to rightfully

 achieve BLACK EXCELLENCE!!! 🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿

The way you conduct yourself in terms of your dress game and grooming speaks volumes about who you are. So why have dry facial hair when you could improve your finesses in minutes?!!?!?!

Black men generally have many various types and textures along with challenges such as dryness, ingrown hairs, hair bumps, patchiness and irritation.

If you are one of those men who suffer from any of those problems, NEWS FLASH FELLAS!!!! Lifted Kulture is here to help you combat these problems and help you achieve a healthy and moisturized. All of the products work extremely well for brothers with grey beards as well.

The Best Beard Balm  “Ladies Love it!” – Phase #1 🖐🏿

Scotch Porter balm offers a manly smell that women find irresistible. The mix of all-natural ingredients provides a natural moisturizer that is vital for any goatee or mustache.balm

This product is undeniable, whether you have fine or coarse hair, regular use should theoretically stimulate hair growth to encourage growth. It’s also very soft and easy to apply to your face, trust me you’ll slightly get consumed with posting photos after you take a couple pics LoL.

The balm absorbs fast into your facial hair without leaving a oily, greasy mess. I’ve found that I needed just needed a dab or two to get the full effect.

Works wonders for all beard types not just aFRICAN AMERICANS

Being a black guy with a beard, this brand is vital. Scotch Porter caters to my nappy beard effortlessly and does the job in terms of keeping my dry face moist & hydrates. Very rarely do you find a company that creates a product that caters to African Americans men and all ethnicity hair types at the SAME TIME!!!

Top Beard Oil aka “Serum” Adding some finesse  – Phase #2 🖐🏿

Scotch Porter oils should be used as a secondary moisturizer after you’ve properly applied the balm. I would recommend using a warm towel before applying this product to a dry facial hair. This way your able to get the full effect of the product.

By doing this it softens your facial hair and allows the product to moisturizes your facial hair, which is essentially what you want.

I use the oil aka “serum” roughly 3 times a week. Not as often as the balm which is used daily. The oil has a really fresh smell that the ladies LUV. I’ve been told that this product is particularly helpful within the first 6 weeks of growth.

How To Properly Add Shampoo & Conditioner  – Phase #3🖐🏿

Lets be honest guys……Walmart Shampoos aren’t going to cut it! That’s why products such goateeas the”WASH” by SP are natural shampoo & conditioners design specifically for care.

I usually just apply the shampoo to my face and let it sit for roughly 5-10 minutes, then i wash it out and apply the leave in conditioner to hydrate properly. I let that sit for 5 minutes or so as well…

How To Grow The Rick Ross Beard? – Phase 4🖐🏿 need the a really good  brush and comb…………

Brushing is one of the most simple tips I know of.  However it’s widely over looked because most folks aren’t accustomed to brushing facial hair like rick ross, some of us brothers need a lil help with our afro hair lol

Brushing your hair every day really helps get rid of any dirt and de-tangles while helping achieve better circulation to promote growth.

Scotch Porter now has a really good “boars brush”, it promotes growth and is said to help you grow your beard faster due to of the design in the brush head.

❗ STOP USING Synthetic Softeners & BEARD Straighteners AND GO COMPLETELY Go Natural

To get the best result, it’s would prove wise to throw out softener products with synthetic sealants such as petroleum jelly. Its much better to buy products with all-natural ingredients.

I MUST SAY!!!! After spending years and TONS of Money buying products that DON’T WORK!!!. I’ve found that Scotch Porter allows me to handle grooming maintenance. It’s a brand thats bold and so necessary in todays world of looking up to par.

beard maintenance kit

SAY GOOD BYE TO ALL YOUR Beard Problems : Dry , Patchy & Nappy Facial Hair is a thing of the past:

Well, there are many styling products accessible in the market today. So, if you are thinking about going for one of those, stay far away from the artificial ones. These all chemical items they will effectively prompt dryness or worse.

Thanks For Reading My Review

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7 thoughts on “Black Men Beard Care Products For Grooming & Growth In 2017

    1. I know what you mean brother, I find that every since I started using SP my beard has gotten a lot softer. Granted I don’t have the rick ross beard, nether the less I like to properly get my beard in order lol. You should definitely checkout SP whenever time permits. The company is great.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hello
    I have viewed the video with a lot of interest. I did like to purchase the product for my boyfriend to try it.
    My question is, do you ship to Germany?


    1. Hey thanks for the comment friend! I actually don’t make or ship the product. I just tried it out and became a customer myself. I gotta say that the company is pretty awesome and I’m sure your BF will appreciate the kind gesture, cheers!


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