Black Men Beards Care Products: Oils, Conditioner

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“The Definitive Guide For: Black Men With Beards In 2017 – Using Oils & Conditioners To Add Moisture 

African Americans generally have many different types of hair texture as well as hair challenges such as dryness, ingrown hairs, hair bumps, patchiness, irritation and dryness.

If you are one of those men who also suffer from same problem, NEWS FLASH FELLAS!!!! Lifted Kulture is here to help you combat these issues and provide you a great, soft, shiny and moisturized beard for 2017!!.scotch porter beard collection kit

Using Scotch Porter products to help make your beard SOFTER!!

Scotch Porter cream can be used as a daily butter cream or as a shaping and styling aid. This usually moisturizes the facial hair and holds styling. Oftentimes, this also makes beard appear voluminous.

To get the best result, it’s would prove vital to ditch softener products with synthetic sealants such as petroleum jelly. It will be much better to buy beard balm with all-natural sealants such as lanolin, Shea butter or beeswax. Just a tip, before applying balm, wash

with all-natural soap. Apply the product on your skin where the beard grows.

Oils aka “Serum” for easy styling:

serum-by-scotchporterJust like hair balm, this can also be used as conditioner and moisturizer.

The only difference is that it softens facial hair, moisturizes skin, promotes healthy beard, and reduces itching. I’ve found that i use the serum perhaps 2-3 times a week. Not as often as the balm which i use daily.  I’ve found that this products works best if I’m gonna be posting pictures of yourself on snapchat, instagram, tumblr, facebook and twitter. Because it helps your facial hair shine. I don’t always want he shinny look, So it works best for me when I’m going on a date with my wife.

To achieve optimum results, I’ve heard it’s better to use a beard oil made from argan oil or jojoba or shea butter, coconut oil.  The serum has a really fresh smell that really works for the ladies, It works!! IN COMBINATION with THE BEARD COLLECTION. The smell of each products blends EXCEPTIONALLY well with each other. I’ve been told that this product is particularly helpful within the first 6 weeks of your beard growth.

Leave In – Conditioning Shampoo Vs Moisturizing cream:

Making a brave statement with your beard is contingent on it being well-groomed and looking like BLACK EXCELLENCE!!!. The way you handle yourself in terms of attire and maintenance with your facial hair speaks volumes about who you are. You don’t wanna have a dry hair on your face when you could improve your look literally in minutes!!!!!

This product is remarkable whether you have fine or coarse hair, regular use will support and stimulate the growth for a full thick beard. It will be soft and straight, without the tangle of split ends slowing down your progress.

beard conditioner  

Natural Conditioners and Methods For Goatee & Mustaches

Scotch Porter Oil balances different types of oils and brings a manly, woodsy smell that seems just perfect. Additional, the mix of oils provides the best natural moisturizer and will get rid of the type of goatee that itches and undoubtedly keeps you awake at night. The adding of Vitamin E helps spur new growth to keep your goatee and mustaches looking its top all the time. My readers have said that this gem help them get the  rick ross beard in no time.

It is thinner than many conditioners and oils and absorbs fast into your hair and skin without leaving oily, greasy finish. A few dabs of amazing blackman beard balm will cover your full face unless it is extremely dry.

How To Grow The Rick Ross Beard Naturally For a Black Man In 2017 is one of the most vital black men beard care tips that you must follow. It is highly to lock the moisture in after washing. Applying a conditioner would not just stay your beard wet, but also make softer the beard up which in turn would support you in perfecting it.

You need the a really good  brush and comb

Brushing is one of the most general beard care tips. While the majority men go for perfect items and waste money on hair gels, more often than not they forget the most general step. Brushing your hair well every single day would delete any dirt and tangles while helping in better circulation in the location.

You wanna start with a really good boars brush, to help keep up a consistent routine. Additional, it promotes growth and is said to help you get better longer facial hair at a quicker rate than brushes. It acts fast to eradicate those troublesome itches, which in turn does away with ugly dandruff simultaneously. .

Unfortunately , majority of Walmart shampoos and soaps just dry both your skin and facial hair. This is one of the most vital black men beard care tips that you must follow. It is highly to lock the moisture in after washing. Applying a conditioner would not just stay your beard wet, but also make softer the beard up which in turn would support you in perfecting it.

african american beards

Never use synthetic styling products

Well, there are many styling products accessible in the market today. So, if you are thinking about going for one of those, stay far away from the artificial ones. These all chemical items would do nothing but raise the dryness and make your beard unmanageable.


So, these are the most vital black men beard care tips with shampoo, conditioner and oil that you need to follow. These tips will help you grow a fit beard and style it the way you want it.

Does This Product Work for all Races of Men

YES!!! This product can work for all ethnicities !!! I’ve been told by dozens of my blog supporters with goatee’s and mustaches that they love the product and use it everyday. NO DISCOUNT CODE for Scotch Porter



4 thoughts on “Black Men Beards Care Products: Oils, Conditioner”

  1. I want to grow my facial hair very big, how do I achieve this

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    • I know what you mean brother, I find that every since I started using SP my beard has gotten a lot softer. Granted I don’t have the rick ross beard, nether the less I like to properly get my beard in order lol. You should definitely checkout SP whenever time permits. The company is great.

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  2. Brought some of this using the couple code above for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it Kasey The Moor!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for hook me up with the kit deal!!!! I will recommend your site to all my friends baby #kisses #maschinekulture

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