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Black Men Beards Care | Products, Growth & Styling

rick ross - how you feel after a edge up from your barber

Welcome to the complete guide for black men beard care! As you’ve already probably figured out, the beard growing process can be challenging. Don’t worry though, because today, we will give you tips and products that will help aid in your beard growth, to help give you whatever style you desire.



Top 5 Products For African American Beards

Through out my nearly 7 years of having a beard I have found that brands such as Scotch Porter have the very best beard products for African American men. I’ve used so many different pomades and creams and have found that they are the most consistent. I’ve out-line a few of the items they carry down below.


1. Beard Brush 

Beard brushes are the secret to keeping your beard looking crisp and neat. Beards will often tangle up throughout the day, so making sure you have a brush on you is a good idea.

scotch porter boars brush

Also, brushes can be used to distribute other products, such as oils. In terms of brands for beard brushes, there aren’t really any recommendations, as long as you find a solid brush that feels nice to your hair. Crème offers a great brush, which will run you around $12, if you’re looking for somewhere to start.

2. Beard Oil

Ah, yes, the oils. For you being a beard man, oils are an essential to have to help your beard thrive. This will help hydrate your skin and help development of facial hair as well.

beard oil serum by scotch porter

Beard oils also keep the scent of your beard fresh, as well as protect against flakes. Overall, beard oils are needed to keep your beard looking sharp and healthy, giving it life day in and day out. Be careful when selecting your oils though, as you want to make sure there isn’t any added fragrance, and that it is organic.

Some great brands to start off with is crème, mountaineer, blackbird, and bearded chap. All of these oils range in price, so whatever you’re willing to spend is what I’d go with. With that said though, if there is one thing to ball out on in terms of price, the oil is it.


3. Beard Balm

Balm acts as an accessory to oils while also having its own set of benefits. Basically, it acts as a conditioner, (which we’ll get into later), but will help moisturize the beard itself and softens it to aid in styling it easier.scotch porter beard balm


The balm pretty much has the same rules as the oils. You want to aim for an organic brand, and look for beeswax to be included, that your moisture will last much longer. Apply it thoroughly after a shower and once you’ve dried it.

What brand should you start with? Well, there are ton out there. Cedar wood, 2 guys beard, and Texas beard as well offer great balms.

4. Beard Shampoo aka “Wash” 

The necessity. Obviously, if you want a healthy beard, you’ll need a quality beard shampoo. Do your research on what you seem to be the best, but again, finding an organic one is the best route. One brand I would recommend is Texas beard, overall, they offer great products in general.


beard shampoo

5. Beard Conditioner 

Conditioner will help restore and maintain your beard’s rich look, as well as keep it hydrated throughout the day. I’d recommend matching brands with your shampoo, as they will work best with one another.

beard conditioner


The Full Beard Kit

If you’re looking to save time and money, there are quite of bit of companies that offer full beard care kits, and at good prices. Also, some companies even offer monthly services, this way you won’t have to constantly worry about getting your fix of products to care for your beard. I’d also recommend finding a good shaving company as well that offers a monthly service.

full beard kit

For now, that is the basics covered for the beard itself. We’ll dive into specifics in a bit, but for now, there is a great list of how to get started in your beard care. Now that you actually know how to manage your beard, let’s get into a subject a little bit more specific, caring for the moustache portion.


How To Grow A Beard For Black Guys

Wanting a full-grown beard is great, but actually getting there is a different story. It’s no secret it is a challenge for most men to grow a beard. It can be a long, annoying process that can feel like a waste of time if you don’t see results relatively quickly. However, don’t let the process discourage you from reaching your goals. Eventually over time, you will see results and with the tips below, you may achieve them faster than you think.

lebron james

  1. Clean your face : The number one thing I’d recommend is to make sure a facial cleanse is included in your daily routine. You should aim for cleaning your face with a cleanser 2-3 times a day. It works best.  In terms of cleaners, there are plenty out there, find one that seems to fit you the best.
  2. Up Vitamin Intake : Vitamins are also a great way to encourage your body to grow body hair as well. Any B vitamin will help significantly and can be found pretty much in any drug store or vitamin shop. Vitamin B isn’t the only vitamin recommended though, as Vitamin A & C will do wonders as well.
  3. Diet : Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet can also aid in the growth of facial hair. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to follow a strict diet, but just be aware that you receive all your proteins and vitamins you need daily, and that they’re coming from a quality source. For starters, I’d cut out things such as fast food and sodas, if those are something in your diet even somewhat regularly.
  4. Efficient Sleep : One often overlooked rule of thumb for promoting beard growth is making sure you get enough sleep throughout the night. Schedules obviously do change but shoot for 8 full hours a night if you can. A little more or a little less won’t affect you, as long as you stay mostly consistent in the hours you rest.
  5. Hydration : Not only should you make sure your body is well-hydrated, but also make sure that you keep your face moisturized often. We’ll talk about this here more in-depth shortly, but overall, there are great products to aid in this. Shampooing and conditioning obviously is a good first factor, but oils and balms are equally just as important.
  6. Eucalyptus Moisturizer : Eucalyptus promotes facial hair growth naturally, so finding a moisturizer with eucalyptus will certainly help you grow at a faster rate.
  7. Facial Massage : Gently rubbing your face will help stimulate blood circulation, leading to promotion of hair growth. You may do this yourself throughout the day, or get a professional facial massage done. With a professional massage though, stimulation should be greater as a professional masseuse will get much deeper in the tissue than you could yourself in the mornings.

The James Harden & Rick Ross Beard Effect 

You can see this style rocked by Houston Rockets star, James Harden, and rapper Rick Ross . It’s a bold look and will be the main “display” of your look, and probably means your haircut shouldn’t be all that, so it doesn’t distract from the beard. There are quite a few options to this style, so going to your local barber and deciding what is best for your look is your best bet.

James Harden


Tip : The #1 rule I can offer in this list is to not shave. Just like growing out your hair for a certain style, it’s going to be rough at some point during growth. However, if you want a beard, you have to just let it grow, and maintain it every step of the way you possibly can, just don’t shave it!


comparision of different hair removal methods



How To Groom Your Facial Hair Properly

For this, you’ll need your own list of products, but it won’t be a laundry list. The first thing I’d start off with is a simple tool that will help you with your moustache.

african american with Moustache

Moustache Comb

If you’re a man that likes to have your moustache stand out from your beard, this is a must to carry with you. Not only does the comb have finer teeth for styling, but also can even help in edging around your beard. These are easy to find, and there isn’t some “must-have” brand out there in terms of combs.



Trimming your moustache is a different story from your beard. It needs its own time and care, that will differ than what you do to your beard. Just keep this little fact in mind when you go to trim or take a trip to the barber.



Just like your beard, make sure you thoroughly clean your moustache, especially with facial cleansers as well. This will help with the growth and health tremendously.

Ah, now we enter the fun stuff, what style should you go for? Well, there are a lot of factors that go into this, including face shape and hairstyle. For now, though, we’ll just break down some styles and explain them.








10 Most Popular Beard Styles For People of Color

1. 5’ O’clock Shadow :

Something much less bold is the shadow look. This is subtle but will be apparent. You can see this in people such as Shemar Moore for an example.

five O'clock Shadow

(Photo Credit:


2. Goatee 

Another popular style is the goatee. This can be done in a variety of ways but focuses on being flexible in terms of styling it, making probably the most sought after. Some men that rock this are Floyd Mayweather, Drake, Ice Cube, and many more.


3. Soul Patch 

A bold move, indeed. The soul patch is a small bit of hair that rests just below your lower lip in a square shape. In my opinion, it is difficult to be pulled off, but can be done. I’d say it looks great with bald men, or short hair in general, as well as having the right facial structure. Not many men rock this today, but Stevie Wonder and Wayne Brady sure can pull it off if you’re looking for a reference.


4. Van Dyke 

This is pretty much a bold goatee that hangs a bit off the chin, with a supporting mustache up top, which is most notably, named after Anthony Van Dyke. If you want a classic example of this, take a look at boxer Shannon Briggs, he does the style quite well.


5. Dark Stubble 

Somewhere in between a beard and the 5’ o’clock, the dark stubble is for the man that wants the world to know his beard is there, without it smacking everyone in the face. Its quite popular, especially nowadays, and is rocked by many, many people. It is relativity easy to keep up with, and barber shops love to style these.


6. Moustache 

The moustache, if done correctly, can look fantastic, just take a look at Steve Harvey. It can be styled in a countless amount of ways and is easy to grow.

Alright, with a few examples in place, now it’s time to discuss how to figure out what is best for you. One important aspect is face shape.


7. Oval Face 

If you have an oval face shape, then you’re in good luck. Out of all the shapes, this is the most wanted, as you can essentially have any style you want. So, be thankful for this shape, if of course you have it.


8. Square Face 

With having a square face, you’ll want something that will round out the edges, in terms of facial hair style. For this shape as well, you’ll want a shorter style, whether that be in the form of a beard or moustache, keep it thinner and shorter.


9. Long Face 

If you have a long face, then well, you’re not so lucky. You can’t grow too much facial hair out, as you want something as short as possible, to take away from the long features of your face. A 5’ o’clock or light stubble is a great option for you.


10. Round Face 

If you happen to have a rounded face, then longer facial hair will do you more justice. You don’t want any wide styles, but rather more narrow, longer styles will do the trick nicely.


Since face shape has been established, let me briefly touch on hairstyles. I’m not particularly interested in hitting on hairstyles, as that really doesn’t play that big of a factor, in my opinion. I think certain hairstyles can look good with any type of facial hair, it really just depends on the person.


However, there are certain styles of hair that just may not mix with your facial hair, and that’s okay. Just make sure you’re being real with yourself when it comes to this. Shorter hair looks pretty good with longer beards, if that is a good look for your facial structure, for example. Another example could be that longer hair can look good with both full and thin beards, as well.



4 Easy Ways To Get Rid of Patchy Beard Problems

For the African American man, patching is obviously a real issue. It happens quite often with black men and can deter you from continuing you on your quest for a full, luscious beard. Don’t be discouraged by this, as it is a manageable issue.

To fix this, following all of the steps above is a great start, but as a recap and to shed some new light, here are some great tips to fill in patches:

  1. Oils – To start, oils such as castor and chili are fantastic in aiding in patches. These oils help increase the number of hairs grown and will act as a “kick-start” to filling in patches quicker.
  2. Micro-needling – Getting poked with needles doesn’t sound like fun but may be your quick fix to patches. This should be done professionally, and really doesn’t hurt at all!
  3. Keep Face Clean – As I’ve stressed throughout this, keeping your face clean is crucial. This will also aid in filling in patches, and should be done so frequently, such as 2-3 times daily.
  4. Clean Diet- Nutrition also plays a key role in helping with patches. A well-balanced diet will help promote hair growth, and with the right vitamins, you should see results quicker than you may think, both in your hair growth, and overall health.

before and after

With just following these few processes, your patches should fill in naturally over time and connect to make new styles. In the meantime, you can style around your patches if you wish, or just tough it out until you’re able have the patches filled in. It may be best to tough it out, so you can visually see process.



How Long Does Bigen Beard Dye Last?

Bigen can last 2-6 weeks, as it states on the company website. However after rigorous in-house testing, we have concluded that Bigen can last up to 10 days with regular shampooing and conditioning.

Last but not least in our guide, we’ve reached the topic of Bigen beard dye. As you age, it becomes almost instinct to hate grey hair and revolt it upon sight. It’s a sign of aging, yes, but don’t take that so negatively. In fact, grey hair is almost a compliment, and here’s why.


It will show a certain sign of maturity, which a lot of men actually crave for. Yes, its great to look youthful and energetic, but working out and staying in shape can supply those demands. Think of yourself as a diet. You want your diet to be well-balanced, as well as your looks.


Take Care of Yourself

You don’t want everything about you shouting out, youthfulness, just as you wouldn’t want everything about you shouting out your older age. So, there has to be a happy medium, and there is. If you’re an older man, just keep in shape and have the younger part of you be in your body, which can be achieved through diet and exercise, as cliché as it sounds.

I’ve Heard Women Love Grey

For the mature side of you, having that grey in your hair and/or beard will certainly be a sign of that. Also, if you’re still looking for women, this is great to have, as many women love to see maturity right off the bat.

Of course, though, there are those who just want or even need to spice things up in their life, and dying their hair, or beard in this case, could be just what they need. For beard dye, of course I’d recommend the natural route.

Look For Natural Base Products 

Hair dye can be damaging, so really do keep in mind the dangers, and if you absolutely need to, go with a natural product.

However, there is an option to “enhance” your natural color if you will, and it’s the Beijing way of dying things. Otherwise known as “Bigen Magic” This process will help you revitalize color and strength in not only your beard, but also your hair. This can even help with patches, if you choose to do so.



Overall, I hope you’ve found our fully detailed guide to be useful.  With this, you’ll be able to follow the process, step by step. Just a reminder though, make sure to take adequate care of not only your face, but your entire body. Keep your face scrubbed well and hydrated, and make sure your vitamin intake is good, as well as practice in a well-balanced diet daily.

Once you’ve helped grow your beard out to your desired length, it’s time to choose a style that fits you best. Remember to your facial structure and hairstyle into consideration when choosing your beard.

Finally, there are options to getting rid of grey spots as you get older, or if you need patches covered as well. One of these main processes is bigen, guide is a huge help in both subjects. We hope you found this complete guide useful and we’re glad to have helped you guiding you to the beard you want!

kasey the moor

More Helpful Resources

I’ve taken the liberty to compile some helpful resources, such as this new post on lifted kulture – covering 7 beard tips. We make it our mission to provide our readers with as much insight as possible when attempting to grow facial hair.

It’s most definitely a process to maintain and manage, but it’s well worth the work! Let’s facet shaving can be a drag so make it easier on yourself by checking out this post on scotch porter I drafted up last year sometime.

I get emails from people all over the world that need assistance who to use, until I find a better company, scotch porter is the best I’ve found. I’m basing this off pure experience and having a patchy beard. Shout-out to Marvlous Kutz the best barber in Tampa.



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